Experts can make or break your case. How can you evaluate potential experts for your case more effectively? Trial attorney Erica Slater of The Simon Law Firm joins John and Erich to discuss expert evaluation strategies that might help avoid surprises in the depo, trial and invoice.

John and Erich offer more suggestions on how to help your client discuss the weak parts of their testimony, and how to prep your client so that they can be the best version of themselves when facing the jury and opposing counsel.

Ever had a client depo that didn’t go well? John and Erich share tips on preparing your client for deposition, building trust and confidence, and how you can manage the process for success.  

April 8, 2020

EP105 – Client Intake

Successful firms don’t just take strong cases, they turn down weak ones. But how can you tell the difference in the first client meeting?  John and Erich share their experience on assessing potential clients and offer tips you can use to assist your decision-making process.

Considering mediation? Learn what works and what doesn’t from Hon. Glenn Norton, a former judge on the Missouri Court of Appeals, who is now one of the most sought-after mediators in the Midwest.  His conversation with John and Erich could make your next mediation more successful.

You probably won’t win your case with an opening statement, but you can lose it there with a poor introduction.  John and Erich share tips on crafting an effective opening statement. Rule Number One: “Don’t be Boring.”

The jury will never be more interested in your case than at opening statement.  John discusses strategies effective trial lawyers use to seize this moment, communicate the case and earn trust.

Developing a strong client relationship is vital to succeeding in court and in your career. Trial attorneys John Simon and Erich Vieth introduce themselves and talk about building trust from the first client meeting to the courtroom.