Why guess how a jury might respond to your case when you can actually test your position before trial? John and Erich examine the value and structure of online and in-person focus groups and illustrate how focus group insights can strengthen your case from voir dire to damages. 

September 9, 2020

EP127 - Voir Dire Legal Issues

What are the courtroom standards for voir dire in Missouri law? John and Erich discuss current interpretations of the legal statues based on their experience in the courtroom.

So you’ve identified a potential juror you don’t want deciding your case. How can you effectively remove them? John and Erich share thoughts on how to expose bias and get jurors off for cause.

What is the scope of voir dire? Are there topics you can’t bring up, even though they may be critical to your case? John and Erich discuss what you should and should not explore in voir dire.

So many potential jurors, so little time! Knowing the right questions to ask to during voir dire, and what to listen for in the answers, can improve your odds of seating a jury that will fairly evaluate your case.

August 12, 2020

EP123 - Voir Dire Intro

Selecting impartial jurors to decide your case is critical. But how can you tell who in the pool is impartial? John and Erich share voir dire tactics to help you uncover hidden bias or prejudice that could derail your case in deliberation.

Medical Malpractice Attorney Amy Gunn hates the term “work-life balance.” But her tips on setting workable priorities for career, family and personal goals can help any busy attorney find more “balance” as they pursue a busy, goal-oriented life.

How can you be more persuasive with your clients, co-workers and in the courtroom? Hon. Mike Wolff, retired Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court and former Dean of the Saint Louis University School of Law, joins John and Erich to focus on the powers of persuasion.  

Patents, trademarks and copyrights all apply to artistic creations such as music, art, written work and inventions, but how?  Intellectual property expert Yvette Liebesman explains the complex legal nuances of artistic rights protection.

Your experts are the foundation of your case. Preparing them properly helps ensure your key points are brought out in depo. Erica Slater of the Simon Law Firm joins John and Erich to discuss the challenges of selecting and preparing your expert for deposition.

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