Downloading a photo. Playing a cover at the coffee house. Your firm’s website.  Who owns what, and when can you use someone else’s work? Intellectual property expert Yvette Liebesman discusses the legal ramifications of IP that surround us every day.

Your written discovery request is the blueprint for what you need to prove in your case. But chances are, you won’t receive all that information without a fight.  John and Erich share tips on addressing objections, drafting interrogatories and successfully navigating the discovery process.

June 10, 2020

EP114 – Case Selection

It sounds like a good case, but are you willing to bet your firm on it? John and Erich discuss case selection and highlight potential problems that are best to avoid early.

Lawyers may get a bad reputation, but where would we be without them? John and Erich review the many ways attorneys protect our rights, deter bad behavior and uphold the ethics of democracy.