How can you be more persuasive with your clients, co-workers and in the courtroom? Hon. Mike Wolff, retired Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court and former Dean of the Saint Louis University School of Law, joins John and Erich to focus on the powers of persuasion.  

Patents, trademarks and copyrights all apply to artistic creations such as music, art, written work and inventions, but how?  Intellectual property expert Yvette Liebesman explains the complex legal nuances of artistic rights protection.

Your experts are the foundation of your case. Preparing them properly helps ensure your key points are brought out in depo. Erica Slater of the Simon Law Firm joins John and Erich to discuss the challenges of selecting and preparing your expert for deposition.

John Simon and Erich Vieth are again joined by John Campbell to discuss Campbell's research on juror attitudes in the age of COVID-19.  How nervous are people about showing up to serve in person as jurors? Will their attitudes toward wearing masks affect their willingness to serve?   Have their attitudes about doctors changed to the extent that it would affect outcome on medical malpractice cases?  Campbell has surveyed hundreds of potential jurors on these issues.   Bonus issue: Should we use this pause in jury trials as an opportunity to re-conceptualize new ways to try jury cases in order to better address juror bias?



To what extent are people willing to return to court to serve as jurors during the pandemic? John Simon and Erich Vieth discuss this topic with attorney and researcher John Campbell, who has conducted focus groups involving 1,500 jurors. Many, but not all, people are apprehensive about returning to jury service. This podcast explores juror attitudes regarding jury service, juror safety, and the extent to which a reboot of COVID-19 jury service might skew trial outcomes.

John Campbell, JD is trial and appellate lawyer turned law professor turned jury researcher.