John Simon believes the corporate representative deposition rules are some of the most powerful tools in your toolbox. Are you leveraging them to your best advantage? Join John and Erich Vieth as they discuss how to use the rules to find the right person to depose, track down the facts in a corporate information maze and focus on the follow up.

Are you stuck in a cross-examination rut? John and Erich reconsider old-school techniques with attorney and author Patrick Malone based on insights from Patrick’s new book, The Fearless Cross-Examiner. Learn thought-provoking new techniques to discredit dishonest witnesses, counter common issues and reduce tensions in the courtroom, and attack your next cross-examination with sharper skills and a new attitude. 

Ready to take your cross-examination skills to the next level? Attorney and author Patrick Malone challenges tired and restrictive cross-examination practices and offers fresh insights on how, when, and where to research witnesses, traps to catch the cherry-pickers and Patrick’s “no hands” approach. Join John and Erich in a spirited discussion about Patrick’s new book, The Fearless Cross-Examiner, and learn at least one tip that will improve your approach in the courtroom.