When your doctor turns you into an opioid addict, you turn to a lawyer. Koon v Walden was one of the first cases in America to sue a physician for overprescribing opioids to a patient.  Personal injury attorney Tim Cronin fought for the plaintiff and shares the inside story behind this landmark case and the current landscape of opioid litigation.

Where the %^&* is that document?! Wrangling papers and trying to recall strategic insights are top time wasters, but they don’t have to be. John Simon offers his wisdom on labeling and categorizing documents and ideas, task management, depo memos and keeping the value of the case in mind. John’s simplest time-saving tip may be the most important…don’t take a bad case.

A waste of time is the most extravagant of expenses. Are you utilizing all your resources efficiently to focus, delegate and eliminate distractions?  In this timely skill-reset session, John Simon and Erich Vieth reinforce the need to prioritize time management and offer insights to help you boost creativity and productivity.

Searching for information in a corporate case can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Corporate rep deposition rules should be your spotlight. John Simon and Erich Vieth highlight the unique powers of corporate rep depo rules and explain how to get around the most common depo roadblocks opposing counsel may put in your path.