Some of the toughest battles are not in court. Substance abuse, depression and anxiety impact many attorneys. Take a few minutes for positive self-care with our guests Anne Chambers and Roger Whittler of the Missouri Lawyers Assistance Program (MOLAP). And if you want to talk, call MOLAP anytime at 1-800-688-7859 for free and confidential support services available to any Missouri attorney.

Have you ever won a $6.7 billion dollar settlement? Missouri plaintiff attorney Tom Strong did when he represented the State of Missouri in the landmark case against the tobacco industry. The ruling also provided equitable relief mandates that still save lives today. Tom discusses some of the pitfalls in the case and reveals his down-home way to earn the jury’s trust in part two of our conversation with Tom Strong.

Tom Strong is a legendary Missouri lawyer who began his career in 1957 and pioneered innovative courtroom techniques like accident reconstruction. He is recognized as one of the most successful, ethical and influential attorneys in America. He’s also well known as an engaging storyteller and he shares some of his favorites from his recent book, Strong Advocate, which he wrote at age 80.  Tune in and be inspired by a conversation with Tom Strong.

June 9, 2021

EP213 - Losing Sucks

We all hate to lose. But nobody wins every time. How you handle losing a case determines your real victory or loss, because the verdict isn’t the only thing on the line. If you avoid tough cases just because you might not win, you are doing a disservice to your client and yourself. Join John and Erich in this candid discussion on how to handle loss with less pain and more gain.

If it’s a cause worth fighting for, Charla Aldous is ready to fight.  Her authentic, no-nonsense strategy for case framing continues to convince juries, even in cases no one expects her firm to win. Tune in to hear the creative narratives from some of her biggest cases, and why taking a case she knows she won’t win has provided some of the most satisfying results in her prestigious career.