Inspiration drives positive action, and the best attorneys are driven to succeed. Perseverance and determination is reflected in how we handle everyday challenges, make first impressions, and create new connections. John and Erich discuss how they rely upon inspiration in the courtroom and in everyday life and share their favorite words to live by. Turns out the biggest truths are pretty simple.

Wisdom from parents, coaches and co-workers may have built your ethical foundation, but where do you turn now to keep motivated? John and Erich point out the inspirational insights that are all around us, from strangers in the courtroom to our familiar yet sometimes forgotten oath. Reconnect with a refreshing and insightful discussion that will get you grounded again.

The Honorable Lisa VanAmburg is a founding member of the Women Lawyers Association and a retired judge, having served at both the trial court and appellate court levels.  A legal pioneer in Missouri, she discusses the challenges and opportunities for women trial attorneys handling civil rights cases beginning in the mid-1970s. She also offers tips for trial attorneys: what judges like and don't like to see in court.

Do you measure your success with dollars and wins? Guest host Amy Gunn, who has worked with John at The Simon Law Firm for over two decades, talks with John about how the power of a positive upbringing, the wisdom of hard work and the joy of a generous heart helped him become one of the top attorneys in America and a very happy and successful family man and friend.