With over four decades in the courtroom, St. Louis plaintiff Attorney Alvin Wolff has seen it all, and he took notes. Like “A client who has been through several lawyers is probably a client you wish you didn’t have.” And “If you act like you know what you are doing, the Court will probably let you get away with it.”  This entertaining segment featuring Alvin’s first 20 tips is filled with real-life anecdotes, wisdom and lessons learned in the school of hard knocks will benefit attorneys of all ages.

“What matters most to us is effecting change.” That’s the philosophy of trial attorney Charla Aldous and her firm Aldous \ Walker. Ranked as one of the top attorneys in America for over two decades, Charla Aldous is a trailblazer who also founded Athea Trial Attorneys, an innovative all-female virtual law firm. Join the spirited and inspiring conversation with guest host Amy Gunn of the Simon Law Firm and Erich Vieth as Charla reveals how she affects change in and out of the courtroom with kindness, commitment, and a passion for justice.

As attorneys, it’s our job to persuade. Effective arguments are built upon logic, emotion, and trust, and you won’t win the jury without all three. But how do you build trust? Where should logic end and emotion begin? And how does case selection fit in? Join John and Erich for an insightful intellectual discussion about how your passion is the driving force behind every persuasive argument.

We spend a lot of time focused on how we practice law, but when do we take the time to wonder why? In his new book, The Way of the Trial Lawyer-Beyond Technique, best-selling author Rick Friedman examines the journey to find justice, the balance between intellect and heart, and how recognizing moral truth makes all the difference. Take the time to realign your internal compass with this essential episode.