October 14, 2020

EP132 - Auto Fraud with Bernard Brown

Rebuilt wrecks. Odometer rollbacks. Car financing fraud. How can these small claims add up to significant judgements? Missouri consumer fraud expert Bernard Brown shares his extensive experience in the auto fraud field and offers car buying tips every consumer should know to protect themselves from unscrupulous auto dealers and finance firms.


Bernard Brown studied as an undergraduate at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland (a “Great Books” school), before obtaining his undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto (in Toronto, Ontario) and his law degree from the University of Kansas.  He has been in private practice in Kansas City since 1980.  Between 1984 and 1996 his office was focused on representing victims of car fraud -- such as the fraudulent sale of rebuilt wrecks and cars with odometer rollbacks.  More recently he also has worked on class actions relating to vehicle sales and financing, on mortgage fraud cases (in conjunction with Legal Aid in Kansas City), and on “no title” car cases against finance companies.  His cases have resulted in many notable jury verdicts and settlements, and a sizable number of his cases have resulted in published court decisions of significance in these areas of the law.

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